About Us

Branded Planners is family-owned and operated, here in beautiful Utah. Specializing in planners for busy people, brides, and teachers in hopes to help make everyone's life a bit easier and more organized.  

All planners are personalized, because who doesn't like seeing their name on stuff? Owners, Don and Diana Johns, are committed to putting a personalized touch on everything they do. 

Don and Diana Johns

Don and Diana Johns

Branded Planners is the brain child of Diana.  A business owner, wife, middle school teacher, busy mom, and admittedly a bit OCD, she set out to create a planner that was not only functional, but fun. The name "Branded" comes from the family's love for their horses.

They also own their original business, Black Faced Sheepwhich first opened in 2006. Black Faced Sheep specializes in handmade, one-of-a-kind crosses and keeps Don very busy. (www.blackfacedsheep.com)
Don and Diana have recently moved, from their home in Colorado, to a beautiful new home just outside Salt Lake City, Utah and they are proud parents to six incredible children and one new son-in-law.